Bachelor‘s Degree in the specialty

Public Management and Administration

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in the specialty “Public Management and Administration” our graduates can work in the following positions:

  • Specialist Public Relations;
  • Specialist Public Procurement;
  • State Social Inspector;
  • Administrative Assistant;
  • Inspector Training;
  • Administrative Secretary;
  • Organizer Office;
  • Secretary of the organization (institution);
  • Secretary Community Organizations;
  • Assistant Manager of the Company (institution, organization);
  • Instruction on core activities, with organizational work;
  • Inspector to monitor the execution of orders.

Master’s Degree in the specialty

Public Management and Administration

Getting a Masters of Public Management and Administration from the State classifier of professions allow you to perform the specified professional work and take office:

  • Chief of Staff (assuming 5 years professional experience);
  • Head of Social Development (assuming 5 years professional experience);
  • Expert on social and political issues;
  • Manager selection, use and maintenance staff employee of the administrative apparatus of government, commercial and non-profit organizations:
  • Head of Press Service (central government);
  • The head of the Minister;
  • Consultant of the President of Ukraine;
  • Chief of the (local authorities);
  • HR Manager;
  • Manager of enterprises, institutions, organizations and their units;
  • Specialist public service;
  • Inspector pension fund;
  • State social inspector;
  • Counsellor (public authorities);
  • Advertising manager;
  • Expert regulation of social and labor relations;
  • Specialist for settling collective labor disputes (conflicts);
  • An expert on employment;
  • Professional corporate governance;
  • Researcher;
  • The responsible officer of the bank;
  • Professional of intellectual property;
  • A specialist in public relations and the press and so on.

Documents on practice

Cooperation Treaty

Responsible for Employment

  With the employment of students responsible lecturer in the Department of Theory and Practice of Management – Bozhok Olgabogok_olga@ukr.net.