Procedure of settlement to the hostels for the 1st year students:

  1. Settlement is carried out from August, 25 to September, 25 (be present on a day appointed in the document of settlement). Students must be registered at University hostel administrator and passport administrator).
  2. On the basis of passport, certificate from the dean’s office and call for studies it is necessary to obtain an order for settlement at hostel administrator and be registered).
  3. Pass medical examination at student clinic of  NTUU “KPI”. Address:

Yangelya Street, 18/2 (fluorography needed). Medical examination is carried out in room 3-06 by Doctor Shirant Natalia.

  1. Students for military service have to register at Mobilization department (building 1, room 160).
  2. Having order, mark from doctor and passport administrator appeal to University hostel administrator for settlement.
  3. Make a deal (contract) at the University hostel.
  4. Get hostel admission card.

  In order to avoid long queues and save your time, make xerox of passport, have photos and other documents for registration.  

2-6-year students settlement *

Basis for foreign students settlement is a personal application to the chairman of the commission and constant registration form for the place of residence outside Kyiv.   Regardless of having privileges for 2-6-year students reasons for settlement are: –         availability of student’s surname in transfer order for the next year or order of enrollment for 5-year students; –         properly issued circular letter; –         absence of student’s surname in lists for those  who cannot be settled (for breaking “Contract on accommodation”, “Internal rules of NTUU “KPI” hostels, fire safety rules).   Students who have completed all conditions but after deadlines are settled on a common basis.  

Settlement procedure:

  1. Settlement is carried out from August, 25 to September, 25.
  2. On the basis of passport and circular letter it is needed to get an order for settlement at the chairman of settlement committee of the faculty.
  3. It is obligatory to come with an order to passport administrator of the hostel.
  4. Pass a medical examination at student clinic of NTUU “KPI”.
  5. Pay for accommodation in a campus cash register (hostel 6, backside enter).
  6. Having the order, mark from a doctor and passport administrator pay a bill for accommodation.
  7. Make an agreement (contract) for accommodation and learn the internal regulations and fire safety rules.
  8. Extend the hostel admission card validity.

  * For 5-year students who are no longer registered to sign “extended” circulation letter, settlement procedure is the same as for 1-year students.