Military training

The selection for training military training in 2016

Students of the Faculty of Sociology and Law (FSL) have the opportunity to study at the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information (MITI) NTUU “KPI” founded in 2001 on the base of Kyiv Military Institute of Management and Communication and Military Institute of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” on the Faculty of Military Training (FMT).

MITI conducts competitive selection among 2nd -year students of FSL among those who want to undergo military training for the Reserve Officers Training Program.

1. MITI Selective Committee pays attention to:

–         level of student performance in previous terms;

–         corresponding psychological and occupational state of candidates according to the test results;

–         physical training level according to the test results: pulling on the bars, ran for 100 metres, cross – 1000 metres;

–         level of mastering pre-military training.2.

2. Students have to accomplish before the beginning of the selection:

–         not later than March, 21 bring the application for military training addressed to the dean of  FMT or MITI director;

–         passport  xerox of Ukraine citizen (1st page), xerox of identification number, registration certificate xerox with a note on eligibility for military service;

–         have medical examination results at the place of stay in the military registration.

3. For participation in competition students of FSL have to:

–         on the day of competitive selection to present as to the schedule at 14.30 for the address: Kyiv, Moskovska Street, 45/1;

–         – to have a passport, registration certificate or military list, act on medical examination results at the place of stay in the military registration (original, not xerox).

Referral to the military medical examination is given at the Faculty of Military Training (MITI). Address: Kyiv, Verchnekluchevaya Street, 4 (previously Dashavska Street, 5), room 201. Open hours: 9.00-13.00, 14.00-17.00 daily (except weekends).