Research areas

 The scientific work of the Department of Theory and Practice Management focused on research reports in the form of books, scientific articles, abstracts for presentations at national and international conferences. Special attention is given to research work with students who are involved as participation in conferences and competitions, as well as the implementation of economic contracts. Faculty conduct thorough work on their own research and active part in research work in the framework of the initiative of topics.

Much of the scientific work of the Department of Theory and Practice Management related to the constant improvement of the educational process and scientific work of students.

By compelling examples of implementation of the results of developments teachers of theory and practice of management in the educational process is to develop a methodology for calculating the main indexes of social and institutional component of sustainable development of regions of Ukraine, which allows you to create rankings of regions that can be used to carry out management activities at all levels. A methodology and results of the research in this area were the basis for the Masters course in administrative management “Fundamentals of sustainable development.”

Professor Voitko S. conducts monthly scientific seminars on topical issues of modern science to graduate students, applicants, students and everyone.

Teachers of of the Department of Theory and Practice Management initiative have two themes:

“Social engineering as a factor of sustainable development”, supervisor – Associate Professor, PhD, Melnychenko A.
“The impact of e-government in social transformation”, supervisor –  Professor, Doctor of Public Administration, Chukut S.