The order settlement to the hostel students 1st year

1. Eviction held from 26 August to 25 September. For accommodations advisable to arrive the day indicated in the call for settlement.
2. On the basis of the passport, certificate from the dean’s office and calling for studies to be obtained in order to settle the hostel and head to sign him and pasportysta hostel (passport must be stamped in the statement of residence). On location pasportysta please contact the head of the hostel.
3. To pass medical examination in the student clinic NTUU “KPI” on the street. Yangel, 18/2 (in itself necessarily have a certificate with a note on the passage of x-rays). Medical examination held in the office of 6/3, doctor Shyrant Natalia .
4. Students should be conscripted to the military records of military-mobilization department (1 building, 160 audience).
5. warrant a doctor’s note and pasportysta (for military service – with a note in the military-mobilization department) should contact the head of the hostel to settle.
6. hostel conclude an agreement (contract) with management on campus hostel accommodation, see the “internal regulations in dormitories NTUU “KPI “Fire and pay for accommodation for at least a month in advance.
7. Get a pass to the hostel.
To avoid long queues and save your own time, it would be advisable to back additional number of photographs, photocopies of passport and documents that may be required when passing certain instances in the village.

Settlement 2-6 courses students

The reason for the settlement of nonresident students 2-6 courses to the hostel is his own written statement Chairman of the settlement faculty / institute and ongoing student registration by place of residence outside the Kyiv. Regardless of the existing student courses 2-6 benefits, mandatory grounds for a settlement are: availability of student names in transferable order the next course or the Order of enrollment for students 5th year; duly executed letter roundabout; no student names on the lists of recommended neposelennya for breach of “the Agreement on the accommodation”, “Internal Regulations in dormitories NTUU “KPI” fire safety rules.
Students who have fulfilled all of the conditions, but after the deadline, settled on a common basis. The order settlement
Settlements held from August, 26 to September, 25.
Based bypass passport and letter must be obtained at the head of the village committee relevant Faculty / Institute warrant for settlement.
With a warrant must be pasportysta to his dormitory.
To pass the medical examination in the student clinic NTUU “KPI”.
Payment for accommodation – in cash campus (the band. Number 6 back side).
With a warrant, a note from the doctor and pasportysta, roots payment for accommodation should contact the manager of the hostel for accommodation (hostel number specified in the order).
Conclude Agreement (Contract) to stay in a hostel and inspect the “internal regulations in dormitories NTUU ”KPI”and fire safety in dormitories.
Extend the permit to the hostel.

For students of the 5th year that weighed register at the hostel, signed a “great” bypass list – settlement procedure is the same as for students of 1 course.