Specialty 281 Public Administration and Governance

The Department of Theory and Practice of Management is a graduate in the preparation and retraining of masters in the specialty 281 Public Administration and Governance.

Public administration and administration is an activity that is related to solving the strategic tasks of state bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations, taking into account the complex of external and internal factors of influence and development trends in a particular environment, as well as in a certain area of ​​social production and the state as a whole.

The main purpose of the graduation department of the theory and practice of management is to prepare students for a manager’s career in governmental, non-governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Educational Programs

  • Administrative Management
  • Electronic Governance

Forms and Terms of Training

1 years and 4 months in full-time mode (educational professional program)
1 years and 4 months in part-time mode (educational professional program)

1 years and 9 months in full-time mode (educational and scientific program)

Name of Qualification

Master of Public Administration and Governance

Professional qualification

Manager of Public Administration and Governance

Introductory tests

Introductory tests for the master’s degree in specialty 281 Public Administration and Governance include:

1) Additional Complex Professional Tests
2) Comprehensive Professional Testing
3) Foreign Language

Cost of Education

The cost of training in specialty 281 Public Administration and Governance

for full-time mode – 31 100 UAH. for a year;
for part-time mode – 16 100 UAH. for a year.
* The tuition fee is 2018/2019  years.

Details by Phone

  • (050) 382-80-03 — Natalia Franko, Executive Secretary of the Selection Committee FSL.
  • (044) 204-92-18 — Yuliia Bryl, Head of Laboratory of Department of Theory and Practice Management.

 Schedule of the Selection Committee of the Faculty of Sociology and Law

The Term Days Hours
July, 01-09 2019 Monday – Friday 14:00-17:00
July, 10-22 2019 Monday – Friday 09:00-18:00
Saturday 10:00-13:00
Sunday Weekend
July, 23-26 2019 Tuesday – Friday 14:00-17:00
July, 27-31 2019 Saturday – Wednesday 09:00-18:00
01 — 03  August 2019 Thursday – Saturday 12:00-17:00
04 — 17  August 2019 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 14:00-17:00
Tuesday, Friday 10:00-13:00
Saturday – Sunday * Weekend
Holidays Weekend

Caution: Changes in the work schedule are possible!

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