Specialty Public Administration and Governance

Public Administration and Governance is an activity that is associated with the solution of strategic tasks of state bodies, enterprises, institutions, organizations based complex internal and external impacts, and trends in the competitive environment and in a particular area of ​​social production and the state as a whole.

Public current level managers should be able to analyze public policies and develop measures for its implementation, to know the regulatory framework of public administration and governance, have project management skills, strategic and tactical planning, development of state-making. However, in the process of democratization of society, government and commercial service must be professionals who have skills in public dialogue and the search for ways of efficient interaction with the public and media coordination and support projects of public administration, including the introduction of e-governance in government, which requires high-quality special and vocational training sector, and which are students of our faculty.

Bachelor specialty Public Administration and Governance is a professional universal character, able to provide informational support to decision making. His knowledge is suitable for use in any field of human activity – from state management to production, business, cultural and educational spheres.

Educational Programs

  • Administrative Management
  • E-government

Forms and Terms of Training

4 years in full-time mode
4 years in part-time mode

Name of Qualification

Bachelor of Public Administration and Governance


The curriculum provides education, the formation of professional skills required by employers, and the critical skills needed for future career growth. Students of Public Administration and Governance in the process of training and internship conduct various sociological studies, develop their own social projects and social technologies. This contributes to their skill mix of theory and practice, a creative lifestyle. Training in Public Administration and Governance includes instruction cycle disciplines.


Non-resident students are provided with a hostel, students for part-time study at the time of the exam session.

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